My Favorite iPhone Apps

The other day I tweeted this:

That led a friend of mine to ask for some app recommendations since I had a lot of them.  I spent some time putting together a long email and figured it was good stuff, so I decided to re-create it here.  I was also correct:  @pennymoxie had 101.  Enjoy!


First off, I’m notoriously frugal…some may say cheap…and don’t buy many apps.  Just feel like there’s so much out there that’s free, why pay for apps?  That said, I have bought a few.  Here goes:

  • Pocket – This is my new favorite.  It integrates with apps like Twitter and lets you save to read later.  I have it on my computer’s browser, too, and then I read articles from it on my iPad.
  • Zite – Some folks love this news app.  It pulls content you tell it to and then it brings in related stories.  You can rate what you read so it should get better and better.
  • Instagram – It’s just flat out fun.
  • Cardstar – Store all of your store membership cards electronically.  No more crap on your keychain.  This app rocks.
  • GasBuddy – Finds the cheapest gas wherever you are (remember, I’m frugal).
  • GreatClips – If you’re frugal like me and don’t care where you get your haircut, this app rocks.  Just fire it up and it shows you all of the GreatClips around you plus their wait times.  Click one of them and you’re added to the waiting list.  It truly reduces your wait, especially when you’re bringing your two boys with you, too…
  • Most airline apps – Some of them allow you to have your boarding pass on your phone so no more printing out paper.
  • Pandora – it’s just awesome.
  • Shazam – Don’t recognize a song?  Shazam it for 10 seconds and it will tell you what song it is.  Pretty amazing.
  • IntoNow – Same thing but for television.  I’ve used this at hotels when I don’t have the digital guide.
  • Roku – Use your iPhone as your remote or to display your photos from your phone on your TV.
  • 100 Floors – It’s a puzzle game.  I love it.
  • Evernote – If you don’t use Evernote, you should.
  • PNC Mobile – RBC got bought by PNC and the best thing about it is that their iPhone app lets you snap pictures of the front and back of checks to make a deposit.  No more visits to the ATM to deposit the $32 your wife’s girlfriends gave her for dinner at that sushi place.
  • 360 Panorama – Only paid app on the list.  It’s so damn cool.  I took this panorama pic.
  • Lowes – Just got this one last weekend.  It links your MyLowes account with your phone and stores all of your purchases.  So, a year from now when you need to go pick up air filters for your new home, you’ll be able to see what you bought previously.  It also will handle returns.  Really well done by them..
  • Fooducate – Learn about the food you eat.  It’s scary but informative.
  • GroceryIQ – Scan your groceries and they automatically get added to your shopping list.  You can link accounts, too, so when you finish the mustard and scan it, your wife will automatically see it added to the list on her phone.
  • Moes, Chipotle and Jimmy Johns – All allow you to order food directly from the app.  Pretty slick.
  • Google – I’ve got 8 different Google apps.  All of them are handy:  Voice, Drive, Gmail, Authenticator (creates code if you use 2-step verification), Google (just a search app – but has the uber cool “Goggles” in which you take a picture and that’s your search query.  I took a picture of the skyline of Vegas and it brought me to relevant sites.  Blew my mind.), Chrome, Maps, YouTube.
  • BeepBoop – LOVE this app.  It’s a behavior reward/incentive thing for your kids.  You specify a goal (e.g. 20 points and your kid gets to go bowling).  When he/she does something good, they get a beep (1 point).  The app screams out, “BEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!”. They do something bad, they get a boop (minus 1 point).  The app says in a deep, dark voice, “Booooooooooopppppp!”  It can sync across phones, too, so when your kid helps you unload the dishwasher, you give him a beep.  When he hits his sister, your wife can give him a boop and both of your phones will update.
  • BONUS – This isn’t an app I downloaded but the default Reminders app that comes on the iPhone.  You can set it up to remind you of tasks when you arrive at a location.  So, I’m out doing something and I think, “Crap.  Forgot to call my mom.”  So I set the reminder and have it remind me when I get home.  When I pull into the driveway, the phone vibrates and tells me to call mom.  You can do it for multiple locations and anywhere you want.  It’s great.

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